Blog Volunteering in Festivals: Doubling the Fun

Volunteering in Festivals: Doubling the Fun

This summer, in addition to my EVS volunteering experience, I decided to help in some Slovenian Festivals. I enjoy reggae music, as well as the vibes and the atmosphere it generally generates. That’s why, when I saw on facebook that the organizers from Overjam Festival were looking for volunteers, I applied without even giving it a single thought. I just filled in a short application form and a few days later I got an email saying that I had been accepted. To be honest, in this case one of my main interests was to have the chance of attending the festival for free (as I couldn’t afford its price) and also to live for a few days in the amazing location where it takes place (Tolmin). During the days of the festival I did different tasks, that were not very exciting, such as controlling the showers, folding rubbish bags for the visitors and helping in the area of charging mobile phones. However, the activities were not difficult and usually they didn’t take more than three or four hours per day, so I had time for attending all the concerts and also some of the workshops that took place.

© Overjam International Reggae Festival

Apart from Overjam, I also attended Floating Castle Festival in Snežnik as a volunteer, this time in the frame of SCI Workcamps, to which I applied through Zavod Voluntariat, the organization that is coordinating my EVS in Ljubljana. This time not only I enjoyed the festival, but also the voluntary experience itself. I had the chance to help in the construction of the sceneography of the festival by drawing signs, sewing some of the decorations…etc. Also, during the festival I was working inside the castle of this beautiful location helping the artists and informing visitors about different stages that were inside and concerts that were going on. It was a really nice experience to deal with the artists and to live together with them in the camp. The atmosphere was really nice, music was everywhere and there were people from all over the world and with really artistic and diverse ways of living.

Overall, attending these two festivals as a volunteer was a really nice experience. I was able to enjoy really good live music and also to meet a lot of people of different nationalities, some of whom became my friends during the festivals and with whom I have exchanged contacts for the future. Music will bring us back together, somewhere, somehow…

Adela Zamorano Del Aguila

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