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Agents of Change – More Than a Training

A short while ago I returned from the training called ╦ŁAgents of Change╦Ł that took place in Holloko, Hungary, between 28 of April and 8 of May.

It was a really crazy experience. We didn’t expect at all what we have experienced. I thought I will get a lot of practical information about camp leading but it was much more than that. I don’t want to give out all the details because I don’t want to ruin it for the ones who are planning to attend the next one which will take place at the end of September but I would definitely recommend it.

This training was definitely totally different and much more challenging than any other I have participated in, but at the same time much more rewarding. I gained greater self-awareness, learned a lot about how I function under pressure or in unfamiliar, stressful and unplanned situations. I forgot what the comfort zone is, but at the same time I learned about the benefits of risk-taking. Many times I was avoiding making a decision until there was no option left because the fear of failure was preventing me to do the next step. Ironically, I failed anyway, because I didn’t even give myself a chance.

The main thing that I took from this training is the determination that I will stop procrastinating and just do it. This way you either succeed or you learn something from it, so at the end you are richer in any case. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to end it with an advice. Go and travel, do an EVS, try new things, challenge your comfort zone, don’t be afraid of changes and the most important thing-listen to your heart. It sounds cliche but I strongly believe that the key to our happiness is to follow our excitements.

Maja Mestek.

The training “Agents of Change” was financed by Erasmus+ programme.

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