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Glen Seminars (MTS I and II)

Tjaša is currently a GLEN intern at an NGO in Myanmair. In this post she writes about two of her seminars in the framework of this project. 

When I said that I’m leaving to Myanmar in frames of GLEN, everyone was asking me what is it. Usually I would answer that’s a network gathering 10 European countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia) and providing different educational events, seminars ect. and also internships in so called Global South. To make it a bit more difficult, 13419244_1201834229840322_5179775804797476854_nGlen net is composed by 2 organizations, Glen Anglo for internships where the main spoken language  is English and Glen Géco for those who prefere to speak French. The whole Glen cycle lasts for one year: after the application in January and selection in February you follows the 1st MTS in April, the 2nd in June and internships from June to December (3 months only). The final event is evaluation seminar in march following year. For more information about GLEN, please check following link:

The participants are called Glennies / multipliers and they are introduced to world of Glen at two MTS (Multipliers Training Seminar) before the departure to the country of internship and one evaluation gathering after the internship. As I am part of Glen Anglo cycle 2016, 1st MTS was hold the end of April in Germany, small village called Werftpfühl. Its name was difficult to pronounce also for Germans, but the place was enjoyable and calm. Even tough it was constantly raining with short interruptions of snow and hail we embarked on a 1  year long journey quite successfully. During the week we were getting to know each other, our tandem partners (you always do the internship together with one or two people) and our tutorial groups (sort of working groups, I know, it’s difficult to understand Glenabulary). And of course being introduced to global education in all its main dimensions such as colonisation, power structures, sustainability, intercultural communication ect. The schedule was quite busy, guest speakers interesting, sometimes demanding and provocative. Everything in order to make us think, kick as out of our comfort zone and rethink or unlearn and relearn. When we were not actively participating during the workshops, tutorials and other activities, we were actively spending our free time by exploring the forest nearby, playing freesbee, walking on slackline, practising acroyoga, colouring mandalas or just chilling in the grass or bed. We started to think about logistics concerning our internships and established the contacts with our host organizations.

The second seminar took place in idyllic camping spot in the north of Czech republic. The place is called Bily potok unnamed (1)pod Smrkem and provides hobbit houses, fresh air, forest and even a waterfall nearby where it’s possible to take a swim. This time the atmosphere was a bit more relaxed, not only because of the surroundings, but also due to the fact that participants already knew each other a bit (better). We were listening to topics such as gender equality, communication, reporting and also GEA (Global Education Activity). We were also discussing what to do in case of crisis (any kind of) and even made an encouraging movie to be watched in emergency cases. Besides delicious vegan meals provided only by two excellent and enthousiastic cooks (2 girls were cooking for more then 60 people!), the highlight of the seminar was definitely a “pick your time day”, when we were not measuring the time, but the quality of spending it – also by exploring different interactive activities related to global education topics.

For the moment, I just finished 4th week of my internship in NGO school in Myanmar and so far I can say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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