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Aljaž comes from Slovenia and is an EVS volunteer in Prague at YEE (Youth and Environment Europe). He writes regularly about his EVS experience here.

AM_-_blog_15-6-2016_NSustainability is a word that is lately not hard to come by. Governments, scientists, companies, and ordinary people – they all talk sustainability. Some more than others though. But what is it really? Well, it ends up being just a word if not backed up by actual deeds.

This leads us to the first sustainability day in Prague. As it happens, it took place on my first weekend in Prague and was also my first YEE event. To avoid cutting a short story even shorter, let’s first look at other things that happened in previous days.

Over a week passed since I entered the land of beer and mountain bikes (what a combination). During the week I got my first glimpse into the work of YEE, met new people, learned new things (always a good thing), cooked in the office (everybody’s still alive) and started working on my first tasks. The week passed quickly, as is always the case when you’re busy and/or have fun.

The weekend was packed with events. Churches and museums were open for free to the public. Hordes of women dressed in pink were marching across town to raise awareness on breast cancer. Sustainability day was therefore just an icing on an already colourful cake.

It all took place in cultural and sports venue, which happened to be a former rail warehouse, thus making an already interesting event even more interesting. Different companies, initiatives and NGOs gathered there to show how sustainability can be or can become more than just a word. Exhibitors were accompanied by live music, documentaries, and exhibitions. YEE presented their work and encouraged people to face their carbon elephant or test their knowledge on youth participation issues. I am happy to say that people were curious about the organisation and its work. It was also very interesting to see how surprised (and perplexed) they were at the weight of their “elephant”. Maybe they’ll even end up changing a habit or two, who knows? It was all in all a successful day and I’m already looking forward to future YEE events.

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