Blog The Butterfly Effect – Youth Exchange at Krsko-Slovenia

The Butterfly Effect – Youth Exchange at Krsko-Slovenia


The Youth Exchange “The Butterfly Effect” ended a week ago. It was in Krskos, Slovenia, from the 27th of January to the 3rd of February 2017. It was promoted by Voluntariat Sci Slovenia and organized by Viktorjia Kos e Lenka Putalová; it is part of the Erasmus+ program.

The Italian youth group was involved with the others youth participants, between 18 and 25 years old, from Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia.

Thus, thanks to the opportunity offered by the Association Vicolocorto (Pesaro, Italy), Camilla Giorgia Lucia and Michelangelo with the Leader Group Laura started from Pesaro to Krsko!

What would be happen during the next days? The curiosity to discover was very high!

New experiences, intercultural exchange and non-formal learning led by the English common language (it has been so difficult for someone who did this for the first time!).

The aim of the days and the activities was to discover the way for a sustainable lifestyle, good practices and how being responsible consumers.

Listening moments were alternated with interactive and dynamic learning, followed by the discussion and reflection time about global education and sustainable development, fair-trade and solidarity cooperation; activism, degrowth, minimized-lifestyle.

The participants shared good and bad practices and actions towards the resources of the planet and started to practice and think in different ways of living, step by step!

A nice visit to Ljubljana offered Slovenian examples of solidarity, cooperation and the pioneers of the fair-trade market… but also being tourist for an afternoon!

The final activity of the youth exchange was an event for the local community based on:

  • swap (exchange of things: clothes, books, jewelry, etc.)
  • info point about pollution and bad practices
  • sharing about good practices from the participating countries
  • collective reflection through the “interactive tree”

By the complicities of the Slovenian cold winter and the comfortable youth hostel and center of Krsko (the “Mladinski Center”) during the free time the group of participants shared intercultural dinners and nights discovering traditions and curiosities about Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

The young participants enjoyed the time together sharing their experiences, concerns, obstacles and carefreeness… and, why not(?)… discovering new friendships and opening new doors… properly “The Butterfly Effect”!


Laura Inzerilli
Italian Leader Group

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