Blog Trening HERO – Human Rights Education Opportunity

Trening HERO – Human Rights Education Opportunity

In the beginning of August, we attended a training on the topic of human rights which took place in Karlovac, Croatia. It was a one-week project in which we managed to get very deep in the topics of human rights education. We connected really well as a group due to our common interest and the field of work which helped us to open up and share our personal stories.

What we liked the most were the trainers and their way of working. There was no feeling of superiority as they were very approachable, understanding and supportive. They managed to keep all the group engaged and proactive throughout all the activities.

During the course of the training there was a lot of discussing and debating where everyone was sharing and hearing new perspectives. The methods of learning were diverse ranging from theatre to creative development during the workshops and so much more. The whole training was very insightful, powerful and thought-provoking.

We also loved our free time which we spend together, where we were learning even more about each-other and were able to hear some truly inspiring and unbelievable personal stories. To lighten up the mood we danced and sang, played games, swam in the rivers of Karlovac and discovered the beauty of the city.

We would recommend everybody to take advantage of Erasmus+ international opportunities which not only contribute to acquiring new skills and knowledge but also to personal development.


Maja and Erika

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