Blog Why is it going to end soon?

Why is it going to end soon?

Every day I wake up happy that I am on this EVS and that I can experience all the things that are happening to me right now. Please do not wake me from this dream!

It was almost 18 months ago when I decided to come to the EVS and to try myself in a completely different environment. How difficult it was for me can be described best with the fact that I never lived outside my parents house before, and I am not that young. Came to EVS when I was 27, and currently I am one year older. When asked on the first day, what do I expect to learn on this EVS program my first reply was – I am eager to prove how independent I am and most of the things I would like to learn are in the house, not at work. People may say that I am completely crazy, or bold, but I confronted my comfort zone and I WON!

Last four months were filled with plenty of joy, travel, fun and perfect people from all over the continent. How much fun is it? Well, I like traveling and somehow I will manage to visit seven different countries, find new wonders of nature and everything is like in a fairytale.

For all of you who are wondering whether to come to have your own EVS experience or not, I say YES! Of course you have to choose carefully your organization and to know what are you going to do when you come. I had luck to become a part of EUSA (check because I volunteered at several their events in the past and I knew what to expect when I came here. Plus, my organization sent me experience from previous volunteers and I knew exactly what will be here.

So, I wish you that you choose your perfect EVS and just COME!

P.S. And send me pictures 😀

Nenad Ružić

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